FOUNDER OF Jetset Squad


Launched in 2020 by luxury travel designer, Malaika Lue. She is dedicated to connecting people with happiness through travel.

Malaika grew up in foster care and had a dream to travel the world and find herself. Her mission has become a reality and she has been able to share her passion with others by leading group trips around the world.

"Discovering the world's beauty opened my eyes to appreciate and embrace everything around me. Before I knew it, my passport collected stamps from 47+ countries and a new passion was born. Now, my mission is to inspire others to embrace their best lives while indulging in the luxury they deserve!"

The visionary behind Jetset Squad also introduces a feminine brand born from a passion for exploration - Jetset Babe. Embodying the spirit of a chic globetrotter, offering fashion-forward travel essentials for the modern woman. With a philosophy rooted in empowering others to live life to the fullest, Jetset Babe is more than a brand—it's an invitation to elevate your journey.

Alongside, Malaika also presents Jetset Pets, an extension of the Jetset brand designed for our four-legged travel companions, in loving memory of her jet-setting Pomeranian, Mila. With a blend of style and comfort, Jetset Pets ensures that furry friends experience the jet-setting lifestyle in ultimate fashion.

Both Jetset Babe and Jetset Pets are a reflection of Malaika's commitment to redefining travel experiences, providing a blend of chic, functionality, and a touch of wanderlust.

Join us on a journey with Jetset Squad—where every adventure is an opportunity to make a statement.